The Inachidae

The Inachidae

A race akin to highly evolved Crustaceans, this species of humanoids are wisely feared throughout the galaxy for their fearsome ability in combat. Their razor sharp pincers mean they are seldom unarmed and the chitin carapace of their shells make them near enough immune to a wide variety of damage.

The Inachidae are known more-so for their lust for battle, their ferocious courage in the face of danger. This anger that burns within them means that as mercenaries they are known for taking tough jobs with relish. Their society is highly competitive. Individuals compete for prestige, be it in money or reputation for battle prowess.

Famously difficult to enslave, these giants are known to kill their captors or themselves before they submit to another. Conversely, their loyalty can be bought for significant enough sums or compensation.

There exists a fabled ‘blue’ sub-species, residing in the rare cold-water areas of their homeworld. These Inachidae are said to be calmer, centred and focused. Just as capable in battle, but less likely to rush head first into it.

Through the galaxy, however, the warm-water variety are the norm. Feared and respected, often unwelcome on the more civilised and peaceful worlds.


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