Human Factions

Even with the advent of solar and then extrasolar travel, old divisions and rivalries between members of the human race continue, pitting group against group in an often bitterly fought contest.

United States: The dominant military force of the Fourth Age, the US usually has first choice on the best colonies and resources spaces. Culturally the Americans still pursue the qualities of liberty and justice, although this pursuit is particularly difficult in a wide and complex universe.

Great Britain: Often referred to as the Second Empire or the Commonwealth, the British control territory second in quality only to the Americans. Their military is likewise a respectable second best and protect the colonies near and far. Britain is nominally still ruled by the Royal Family, but a expanded Parliament makes all major decisions.

The European Union: An amalgamation of the ‘old’ Europe and former Soviet States, the Union came late to the galaxy and was bogged down en-route the complexities of the Far Planet Revolution and Pan Eurasian War. Following the latter, the Union began a programme of modernisation, leaving their military a mix of out-dated and brand-new. Culturally the Union is a melting pot of traditions, ideals and motivations; their politicians are often slow to make decisions for good or ill.

The Asian Coalition: Another loose alliance of old Earth states, the Coalition is the most populous of the human factions. Politically disparate, their leaders rarely agree on unilateral action outside of significant events like the Pan Eurasian War or their wide reaching colonisation efforts. Their modern military is remarkably varied with everything from the modern Japanese warships to old, reconditioned British Dreadnoughts. The Coalition is another mix of cultures and ideas that leads to an odd and unpredictable variety in daily life.

Megacorporations: The biggest of the “mega” corporate organisations have the reach, budget and standing to rival some countries. Several vie for control of the current and future economy, waging a largely unseen, bitter conflict.

The Agency: Barely known, whispered of in the shadows of these gargantuan groups, is the Agency. It employs individuals referred to as “genetically different” and markets their unique (often fantastical) powers as the highest calibre of mercenary. The other human factions utilise the Agency for tasks, jobs and missions deemed too risky or difficult for anyone else. The costs for such services are prohibitive.


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