Tara Whittaker

TWDr. Whittaker, trained at Harvard University, was a genius of fusion reactions and energy. She was contracted by the Blackmane Megacorporation and placed into what amounted to protective custody. She lived for years on a luxury orbital spa and laboratory, periodically releasing new reactors or revolutionary upgrades.

She made Blackmane a monumental amount of money. Herself, too. Ambitious scientists were vulnerable to bribes, incentives and other dangled carrots, which is why they were kept under lock and key.

One day, Tara Whittaker’s orbital abode was attacked. It was a lightning raid, her security overwhelmed more quickly than even the worse case scenario theorised possible.

Rumour had it the Agency had deployed their superpowered assets to retrieve the Doctor. And although most ignored the idea: the rumour was true.

When Whittaker re-emerged in the employ of Page-Turner, it was clear the upstart company had engaged in the most foul of plays.


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