SynTech is a human megacorporation operating out of a suite of orbiting stations around Jupiter. They specialise in technologies for individuals, from consumer electronics to personal shield devices.

Success in these markets has led the group, like most megacorporations, to branch out into different markets. So although people mostly know SynTech for the personal music player in their pocket or their kid’s VR Game Console at home, the group is expanding into new sectors.

There have been growing pains. Specifically, joining the elite group of megacorporations has exposed SynTech to the perils of corporate warfare. The executive team were shocked at the brutal tactics, more akin to organised crime than business, used by their new competitors.

Their first product release as a megacorporation was ruined. The prototype for H7-A, a sleek utility robot with the ability to anticipate new tasks, was stolen and bootlegged. Blackmane was accused but the Corporate Conduct Authority found insufficient evidence to press charges.

The SnyTech Edgerunner is a good example of one of their most recent successes; the design is in demand from both governments as well as circumspect individuals. This followed hot on the heels of the Featherspun, another ship promoted to the quasi-military market. SynTech saw the potential of drones early and produce one of the most effective combat models on the market.


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