“Your typical Widebrim is a stubborn son-of-a-bitch. If one comes after you in a Copperbill you better run – and fast. ‘cause that’s stubborn squared.” – Grank “Dispatch” Derrek, Blackmane Security.


On the surface of things, the Copperbill is a relic. It was produced at the end of the First Age as a courier to ferry valued cargo between Sol and the nearby star systems. The thousand or so models ended up in private hands and saw extensive service due to their reliability and thick armour plate. This latter quality made them resilient in the face of those out to take advantage of humans making a new life for themselves in the new colonies.

Technology moved on. The fusion pellet injection engine core went out of fashion, replaced by cleaner and smarter systems. Ships became faster and more efficient. But Jeram Tsveri, a Widebrim scout and adventurer, refused to let his go. It is rumoured he spent a week alone in space dock, taking his beloved Lamplark apart and putting her back together again with the most basic of tools. Whether fact or fiction, Jeram was catapulted into the public eye following his dramatic rescue of British Prince Charlotte, during which his ship docked with her stricken liner and withstood pirate attack as he took the Princess and her entourage.

This episode propelled the Copperbill to pulp fiction hero status. Several well known Widebrims scoured scrapyards and salvage docks looking for their own. And the ship was reborn. Each improvement made by a different individual was shared within the group. And so far from being a relic, the Copperbill became a constantly evolving gestalt idea from some of the most inventive and dangerous men and women in the known galaxy.

The Widebrims use the ship as a shuttle, a transport, a gunship and a roving home. In combat is a jack-of-all-trades, only easily countered by massed formations of nimble starfighters. It utilises forward firing cannons and rear mounted mine/countermeasure launchers to dispatch opponents and stays in the fight thanks to it’s ablative armour plates.


Modern ships of the same size and scale are easily crewed by one pilot and automated systems. The Widebrims’ legendary distrust of automation means each Copperbill needs a minimum of three crew to even get off the ground. Some consider this irrational, but the Widebrim results speak for themselves.

  • Manufacturer: Vanguard Star Systems
  • Length: 30m
  • Crew: 2 pilots, 1 engineer
  • Weaponry:
    • 4 x Pulse Cannons (forward firing)
    • 2 x Mine/Countermeasure Launchers (rear-mounted)
  • FTL: Capable, mid-distance.
  • Special: Ablative armour plates.

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