Blackmane Corporation


Several defence and energy companies banded together to exploit the myriad opportunities at the advent of human Faster-Than-Light travel under the banner of Blackmane. They became one of the big beasts of the arms industry. The group used their combined expertise in the construction and maintenance of American warships capable of FTL travel. Profiting from this growth industry rapidly catapulted them to so-called ‘megacorporation’ status.

They are also known for being the first corporation to be targeted by Page-Turner, who managed to degrade Blackmane with acts of espionage, sabotage and other dirty, corporate tricks. This led to a decline in their stocks, shareholder revolt and a near capitulation of their business which was only halted by their central role in the Linear Cannon Project.

This gave the corporation a much needed shot in the arm and they went onto produce a variety of fighting ships, from fightercraft to capital-scale. The impressive offensive capabilities mean Blackmane ships are favoured by pirates and other malcontents, though the company (of course) denies marketing their products in this way.


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