Phillius Yacof

Phillius Yacof was born on Earth, raised in the old Ukraine. He showed a talent for construction and engineering from an early age and was head hunted by a local technical college. The young man re-wrote their circiculum over the five years he attended. Rylands University on Luna offered him a generous scholarship and, at the age of 16, he left his family behind to continue his studies.

He had confused his parents and early school teachers by way of his maturity. The measured way in which he ate his lunch, played tag and did the dishes all transferred through to his work. It made him a reliable engineering student. But his calm and considered nature made him consider problems from unexpected angles and find novel solutions. He completed his Masters Degree in Genetic Analysis, patenting the Yacof Gene Mapper during his studies. His PhD was in Neurological Repair and Analysis, a new discipline applied mostly to the treatment of paraplegics and disfigured victims of war. For four years after his PhD he taught part time at Rylands but was otherwise absent from public view. His next posting was as the Director of Project AtlasIMG_4498


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