The United States Expeditionary Force (USEF) was formed at the advent of the First Age of FTL travel and exploration. It’s initial mission was the safe exploration of extrasolar star systems and the protection of any US assets beyond Sol.

The US already operated a fleet of warships capable of travel and combat within the confines of the Solar System. Like the other human factions, during the First Age the American military simply affixed FTL drives to these ships to allow them to roam further afield. They were more than capable of defending new colonies from bandit raids both human and otherwise, whilst the American military rivalled that of the other human factions bar the British. The arrival of the Wun’Tux changed everything.

Following the events at Freya VII, the American military diverted ships from the safe, civilised Core worlds to double it’s colony protection force. These reinforcements formed the main body of the USEF. In skirmishes following the Freya VII incident, however, the US ships fared badly against the reckless Wun’Tux. The human warships were old and slow to react compared to their alien opponents. The US military realised a seachange was needed; the secret construction of Highpoint at Ursa Minor began.

Highpoint produced modern starships with modern commanders, favouring quality over quantity. Abstract thinking was fostered and risky strategy encouraged. Though small in number, the USEF became more adaptable in the face of new enemies and a changing galaxy. In contrast, the regular Navy (USN) remained as the larger force – charged with law, order and protection of the civilised the Core systems.

The main target of USEF operations became the ever-hostile Wun’Tux. The first outing of the modern Force was the Dronta VIII operation, a smooth and seamless mission that would come to exemplify the USEF ideal.

Noteworthy combat elements include:


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