Though the many colonists who work long hours for little or no monetary gain might argue otherwise, slavery remains illegal in human space. This fact is not reinforced by the Far Planet Revolution, an armed backlash against perceived slave-like working conditions. Nevertheless, slavery remains punishable under the laws of the various human factions and a number of the advanced alien races. Several, however, take less of a hard line.

The most famous of these slavers are the Wun’Tux, who regularly snatch up civilians from the evolved races to work in their durillium mines, man their starships and serve their matriarchs. The number of slaves kept by a BroodClan is a sign of their prosperity and superiority.

The Illayko are found as slaves following the fall of Ehoi to the Wun’Tux. A subset of surviving Illayko are so bitter and twisted for the loss of their homeworld that they have become slavers themselves.

The aquatic Hirudin utilise what is rumoured to be mind control to keep a large number of Trinax in their service against their will.

The Oroso are highly valued in slave markets for their resilience in the face of physical labour and cold temperatures. Gnobo are equally hardy and fetch a high price. Conversely, humans are traded in quantity over quality to compensate for for a perceived fragility towards hard labour and difficult environments. Vonn slaves are unheard of.

The Wun’Tux border world of Dronta VIII functioned as the galaxy’s main slave market through the Second Age. One of the first operations out of the USEF base at Ursa Minor was a targeted strike against the world, resulting in complete Wun’Tux defeat and the emancipation of hundreds of slaves. Wary of a repeat performance, paranoid slave marketeers now run auctions in secret, frequently changing the location and guests.


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