Dronta VIII


Ruins at Dronta VIII

A small jungle world on the Wun’Tux border, Dronta VIII was home to the biggest galactic slave market through the Second Age. The only races aware of its existence were those interested in doing productive business; external threats were considered unlikely. The responsibility for security was given to a Wun’Tux BroodClan of low standing – akin to latrine duty.

It was a surprise to everyone, then, when a United States Expeditionary Force (USEF) Task Force jumped into the system and began an assault on the fleet in orbit. This battle was swift and one sided; American fightercraft made short work of the picket ships and forced the remaining vessels – whose crews were mostly planetside shopping for slaves – to flee.


A joint Ranger and Marine force made landfall at the slave market proper and engaged the shell shocked Wun’Tux warriors and various market customers with uncontested orbital support. This battle was almost as one-sided as the naval engagement; the market soon lay in ruins, the slaves freed from their pens.


The Battle of Dronta VIII – which occurred at the dawn of the Third Age – was seen as both a military and PR victory for the US. Several hundred humans were freed alongside many other aliens. It helped to solidify support for the colonies at home and garner a little favour from alien races abroad.

Following this incident, the slave market administrators became paranoid about security. They went on to host the further markets aboard large, mobile starships with the ability to evade detection. In this sense, Dronta VIII was the last of the static slave markets. The world is now home only to flora and fauna; the old buildings and slave pens overgrown but not forgotten.

Ruins at Dronta VIII


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