Petrayos V

Following the attack on Freya VII, human colonisation efforts were slowed considerably. Large groups of people were told by their governments that they were going nowhere – their colony ships placed on indefinite lockdown. Whilst some faced this with disappointment, a small minority took drastic action. The colonists destined for Petrayos V bribed the Martian ship captain and station master to allow them to leave for the planet against the express orders of the authorities.

Although rare, this was not the first or last unauthorised human colony. The American doctrine didn’t involve shooting down their own citizens, so the ship wasn’t pursued. It and it’s cargo were, however, disowned. Stripped of their citizenship and all the rights and protection that went with it.

The Wun’Tux were still a state secret when the ships left destined for Petrayos V. So when after three months of hard work the colony’s sensor array detected an unidentified ship in orbit, the unsuspecting settlers had no idea of it’s identity. As the Wun’Tux attack shuttles broke orbit, a strange, glowing bubble sprang up around the colony. Even more bemused, the humans watched as the alien ships bounced off of the surface of the bubble. Subsequent cannon fire was reflected away just the same.

It was then that an old Vonn Scholar revealed himself in the colony town square. He spoke quietly but succinctly about the importance of fostering and supporting life through mistakes and missteps. And with that the alien vanished.

This “bubble” remained in place, however. Fifty miles in diameter, two miles tall at it’s highest point. The Wun’Tux bombarded the barrier but it held firm and they retreated soon after. Decades on, the ‘bubble’ remains, allowing the weather and human settlers to come and go as they please whilst restricting entry to anything or anyone that might harm them.

A people who were once stateless are now a flourishing trade capital near the Outer Rim. Petrayos celebrates ‘V-Day’ once a year as a sign of respect to their Vonn benefactor.


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