Wun’Tux-Human Relations

The human race encountered a number of races early in their expansion into the galaxy. With the exception of the disastrous Union skirmishes with the Oroso, the various human factions were cautious and risk averse. By the middle of the Second Age, the human race had established contact and almost cordial relations with several races.

When the suply ship ISS Bellacroix vanished on the way to Freya VII, the American authorities didn’t consider alien attack a likely probability. It was only when the fledgling colony itself went dark that the plot thickened.

Freya VII was situated at the edge of known space for the humans in an area thought bereft of foreign governments. The distance meant a USEF Task Force took a number of days to arrive. The landing parties found obvious signs of a battle but no humans alive or dead. At first, anyway.

A few hours after their arrival, a number of children were spotted descending from the nearby hills. Malnourished and suffering the symptoms of exposure, the youngsters told tales of being woken up in the middle of the night. Of panic and chaos. And of hulking reptilian creatures marauding through their homes, sowing destruction with tooth and claw. The investigators took the word of scared children with more than a pinch of salt until they decoded the colony’s black box device. Sensors had recorded a ship entering planetary orbit and dispatching shuttles. And then chaos. Scraps of security camera footage of the hulking, scaled humanoids killing indiscriminately and dragging survivors back to their shuttles.

Aware of the effect the incident could have on the colonisation effort, the US investigators were swore to secrecy. Meanwhile, the diplomatic core did not have to ask too many questions of other races to put a name to this enemy. The Wun’Tux.

The Oroso were grim in their response: the human colonists were Wun’Tux slaves. Or dead.

IMG_4479Above: Human slaves of the Wun’Tux.

The incident at Freya VII fundamentally changed human colonisation doctrine. Prospective colony worlds were chosen for defensibility first, desirability second. For the Americans it led to the establishment of their secret forward operating base at Ursa Minor and the expansion of the USEF Navy.

The Freya VII colonists were never rescued in any real sense. When the British Navy liberated the Wun’Tux Durillium mine at Callax III three years later, two of the emancipated slaves said they had been snatched from the colony. Aside from the children, these are the only two survivors on record. And although these were far from the last humans to go missing at the hands of the rapacious slavers, it was by far the biggest loss of civilian life to alien antagonists.


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