The Militia-D are the space-bourne infantry of the Oroso, an analogue of Earthling marines. Most Oroso are ferocious fighters due to their predatory genepool, but the Milita-D have their specific manner of combat down to a fine art. When an Oroso is recruited into the Militia they undergo a highly structured ritual resulting in the loss of their dominant arm. An energy cannon is grafted onto this arm and wired into their nervous system. This weapon offers unrivalled reaction time and response. Whereas some marine forces are forced to hold fire at the risk of venting atmosphere of the ship they’re fighting aboard, these Oroso warriors can dial their cannon output up and down at the thought. Their reflexes are razor sharp, making them deadly enemies and valuable allies.

The first duty of the Milita-D is defence of their ships and stations. Wun’Tux Broods whisper tales of handfuls of Oroso standing against them, mowing down wave after wave of their reptiles and forcing rare retreats. Humans have had less interaction with the Militia, limited to a few unwise skirmishes between European Union soldiers and Oroso scouts. The Union speak of the battles with a reverence similar to the Wun’Tux.


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