Freya VII


Freya VII was one of the most far flung American colonies at the middle of the Second Age. It was home to half a million humans and a growing hub of agriculture and food production.

One day all contact was lost. The USEF rapid reaction force were greeted with a scene of devastation; mutilated human bodies and no apparent survivors. The relatively small numbers of bodies found didn’t tally with the colony records – it was clear the majority of the humans had been abducted. This – combined with the brutal violence visited on the defenders – pointed squarely at one suspect. The reptilian Wun’Tux. US ships scoured the nearby star systems but found no sign of the attackers.

American authorities kept the entire incident top secret, worried about the effect it could have on new and established colonies. Rumour spread through the human militaries like wildfire; the facts may have gone unsaid but the threat of alien aggression shifted the various Earthling factions away from rapid expansion and towards consolidation of territory and colony defence.

This one event led to an overhaul of the USEF and the construction of their new military complex at Ursa Minor.


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