Strandweed Vein

“Strandweed” is the human name given to a strange and hardy plant found under the snowdrifts of Centauri III. Once dried out and distilled, Strandweed works as a potent antibiotic effective against even the most stubborn infections. Faced with myriad new and deadly micro-organisms resistant to traditional antibiotics, Strandweed has become one of the most profitable results of xenobiology to date.

It will come as no surprise that black market trade in the weed and it’s by-products is immensely profitable, with demand often rivaling that of recreational drugs. The middle classes especially pay top dollar for doses of the drug which most health plans and schemes will not usually supply. The drug has a novel effect on Gnobo physiology; creating a sense of euphoria and increasing energy levels. Much of the black market trade ends up in the hands of the Mercenary Brigades.



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