AS-27 Escort Shuttle

AS-27 Escort Shuttle

The ’27 was first commissioned for the wealthy gas traders of Saturn during the First Age, but has seen widespread use beyond Sol since. These traders were highly prized targets of kidnappers and pirates throughout the Sol System and beyond, and soon realised that if they failed to travel well armed, they might as well not travel at all.

In that vein, the ’27 was designed and put into production by the military arm of Lockheed-Franklin. With a thick, duranium armoured hide and three (one heavy dorsal, two under-slung medium) plasma cannons, it was at first deemed too well armed for civilian use. A couple of bribes later, and the AS-27 was rolled out and bought in droves by wealthy VIPs, traders, governments and NGOs. It has since, of course, made it’s way into more unscrupulous hands and has been used as a boarding craft, gunship and loot-boat.

It is used extensively by both Saturn Solutions and the offshoot group Cromwell’s Bombshells.

  • Length: 39m
  • Crew: 2.
  • Passengers: 25, or 12 armoured marines.
  • Armament:
    • 1 x Heavy Plasma Cannon (dorsal).
    • 2 x Medium Plasma turrets.

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