Ursa Minor


Little is known publicly about Ursa Minor. A yellow star situated near the edge of human space and bordering no other known civilisations, official surveys classified it as one of the many uninhabitable star systems with no natural resources worth harvesting. And here the official story ends.

However, the United States Expeditionary Force (USEF) were the first to inspect the surveys of the system. There was one habitable moon around the third planet, suitable for human existence. Additionally, Ursa Minor was far enough away from civilisation to avoid prying eyes or wandering traders. Using a little known congressional decree, the United States altered the survey record to show a dead, empty and unremarkable star system.

Construction of Highpoint Naval Base was completed at the start of the Third Age. A large planetside base with an orbital station and shipyard, the USEF designed the base as an academy for up and coming officers and a shipyard and testing ground for their new, secret ship designs.

Highpoint’s location makes it the perfect staging point for clandestine naval operations in the Rim. Although no factions of humankind are eager to commit to a long term fight against foreign opponents like the Wun’Tux, the USEF have been known to hunt the more rapacious and human hungry Wun’Tux Broods. These sorties are staged from Ursa Minor, using a combination of strike fighters and fast action capital ships to strike surgically at large Wun’Tux hunting packs.


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