Trillyth is a red star system, positioned between the human Core worlds and what later became known as the Rim. The verdant world of Trillyth III was discovered and settled at the start of the Second Age of faster-than-light travel by European colonists. They found forests of sturdy wood to be used in building and crafting and had high hopes for the colony.

The fate of the forest world was sealed when tensions between the Europeans and the Asian Coalition escalated into a full scale shooting war. Trillyth was too far out and supply lines too daunting to become involved in the conflict proper, but the support from the Union Core worlds dried up almost immediately. Left to fend for themselves, the Trillyth colonists by necessity learnt to create and survive using their small amount of modern technology along with the wood and food of the planet itself.

The colony existed almost independently for the period of the war. Population growth was dampened down by the steep learning curve: people died from eating the wrong things, a lack of advanced medical supplies and sometimes simply straying too far from camp. Population levels remained static until near the end of the War when Union ships arrived with displaced refugees, many of whom had spent months or years under siege or lost. Even the wooden huts with burning log fires were a blessed relief compared to their recent war-torn existences.

The post-War period was one of calm. When it was first settled, Trillyth III was a world on the human frontier. At the start of the Third Age it was in the human Hinterlands. With no significant resources to speak of, the planet became a home away from home for the well-to-do Union citizens wanting a break from their busy lives in the Core.

It’s capital is Sthukhaven, a beautiful, tourist haven of a city built on a fork of the River Piros.

Below: A picture of Migores Jansen’s Hunting Lodge, in the hills of the main continent.

The Jagged Edge


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