Taron is a white star system on human side of the Human-Oroso border. A relatively large system, most of its 12 planets are small rocks composed of very common minerals, or arid desert lands with little in the way of life or habitability. The inhospitable worlds of Taron II and III, however, contain significant deposits or rare and valuable minerals and drew the attention of lone miners and megacorporations alike.

Due to the unique nature of Taron’s gravity well, FTL travel ceases at the orbit of the eighth planet, necessitating a sublight journey to the inner worlds. Traders, miners and other individuals are vulnerable throughout this trip and enterprising mercenary, pirate and bandit groups have set up various ‘Groundside’ bases on the sandy world of Taron VII to take advantage of us. Such bases are cheap to establish, needing only basic scanners and repair facilities to keep a handful of starfighters and shuttles ready to ply the popular shipping lanes and pick off the fattest, most vulnerable freighters.

The variety of interests involved in the mining and mineral extraction operations makes it impossible to agree who is responsible for providing security in and out of the system.

Pirates continue to take advantage of this vulnerability, making Taron VII one of the most infamous Darkports through the Rimward Territories. Pictured (below) is Connota Litaar in her custom starfighter, just back from another cargo raid. Cromwell’s Bombshells have become the most prevalent of the groups operating out of Taron VII.

Taron VII Vig


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