Cromwell’s Bombshells


Cromwell’s Bombshells are a predominantly female group of human mercenaries led by the eponymous Iona Cromwell. A third-generation Mars native, she served briefly in the planet’s police force. This was a particularly badly paid post and talented members of the group were often seduced by the wages and respect of plying their trade for a mercenary group instead.

Cromwell started her career working for Saturn Solutions, a corporate security outfit operating out of Gandymede. She saw action in the food riots on Triton. The armed protesters managed to disarm and disband the small Triton security team and were demanding self-rule. At some cost, the Russian administrators of Triton bought the services of Saturn Solutions whose high-impact mix of armoured gunships and jetpack infantry swiftly took control back from the rioters, with plenty of bloodshed on the way.

Three years in corporate security was more than Cromwell could stomach. By this point she had the respect and loyalty of the few female members of Saturn Solutions and between them they managed to make off with a number of jetpacks onboard one of the company’s armed shuttles.

The group fled to the outskirts of known space, where their mix of vertical assault and lack of subtlety found a eager customer base in the lawless Rimward territories. There remains a significant bounty on her head, although no one has yet managed to claim it.


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