The Rim


The ‘Rim’ is the human term used for area of space within their reach but far afield from their developed ‘Core’ worlds. Increasing numbers of humans were able to reach so far afield thanks to the cheap and efficient FTL drives of the Fourth Age. And although the Rimward Territories are rich with resources and opportunity, the large swathe of space is also home to pirates, bandits and malcontents eschewed by civilisation. These groups prey on those trying to make their lives and fortunes out on the Rim, from families of miners to large megacorporations.

There are developed worlds in this expansive region but they are few and far between. Those that do exist can seldom rely to their ancestral home planets for protection. The Sol governments have a finite military presence out in the dark expanses of space and cannot be everywhere at once.

The threats are legion. Apart from the human pirates and thieves, settlers so far away from civilisation are at risk of being caught or killed by any number of alien antagonists, a section of whom view humankind as an upstart race treading where they don’t belong.

Notable territories in the Rim include:


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