Kepler was the third star system reached by human scouts. Preliminary surveys discovered two habitable planets and an asteroid field rich in valuable minerals. The largest world became the American colony of New Kansas, a warm and dry planet 1.3 times the size of Earth covered in fertile soil. The smaller, colder world was claimed as Bretton by the British.

By the Second Age these two colonies were home to over 200,000 people each and featured technology comparable to that of Earth. During this time, the Asian Coalition had sent settlers to the desert world of Kepler IV to establish a self-contained, underground colony. A hard existence for the settlers was only made worse by the Pan-Eurasian War, which turned the tiny colony into a bitter battleground.

The colony was eventually ceded to the European Union, it’s people and infrastructure decimated. Fast forward to the Fourth Age and it is years behind it’s development schedule. Politically, Kepler IV is still a source of great tension between the two sides.

The Kepler System forms part of the human ‘Core’, the handful of developed worlds local to Sol in which law and order and structure exist. The capital city of New Kansas is the grand city of Washburn, a expert centre for modern agriculture and veterinary science.


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