Wun’Tux Enforcer

Wun'Tux Enforcer Wun'Tux Enforcer

A spiritual successor to their gunship, the ‘Enforcer’ is a vessel bred for combat. It has low speed and manoeuvrability for it’s scale but a disproportionate amount of firepower to bring to bear.

Primarily used against resistance and insurgence in the numerous slave labour stations and colonies, the explosive tipped shells of the Enforcer’s cannons make short work of anything from organic beings to the heavy duty mining equipment they often use to try escape.

Their second use is as support ships to the larger vessels, including the ubiquitous Clanship and KorVhar cruisers. They are best used to chase enemy vessels into the line-of-fire of the larger, more dangerous Wun’Tux warships.

Crewed by half slave labour and half Wun’Tux warriors, the Enforcers take crew from the least important brood members. Like the Gunship brethren, the ships are hungry for glory, fame and promotion to bigger and more prestigious ships, leading them to take risks which might otherwise be seen as daring.

Manufacturer: Various Wun’Tux Broods.

Role: Rule enforcement, capital ship support.

Crew: 10 slaves, 12 Wun’Tux.

Weaponry: 4 x Explosive Shell Cannons

FTL: Capable, 1:1 Ratio.


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