Vonn Scholars

Vonn Scholars are the ambassadors of the race and the type of Vonn one is most likely to meet outside of their home-worlds. They feature the typical four arms of their race, but unlike ordinary members they refer to their lower set as their ‘shield-limbs’ due to the biometric field generators grafted there. Using techniques known only to the Vonn, Scholars are able to generate multiple forcefields large enough to contain anything up to a small building. Additionally, they are extremely well skilled in hand-to-hand self defence, second only to their knowledge and commitment to philosophy and growth.

Each Scholar, along with a small number of apprentices, leaves Vonn Space for years at a time. They tour known space on a round of teaching and supporting sentient species much younger – relatively speaking – than their own species.

Their duties range from tutoring impoverished youngsters in geometry and philosophy to the defence of vulnerable colonies against assault. Although altogether beneficial, the abstract and inconsistent way in which the Vonn think and act confound other races.

IMG_4386 IMG_4387


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