Union Bulk Cruiser

Union Bulk Cruiser

At the outbreak of the Pan-Eurasian War the European Union Navy was old fashioned and outdated. The UBC was a perfect example of this, a large and well armoured capital ship with few technologies from the Second Age. Like the Cassard-class Heavy Destroyer, it’s most significant vulnerability was it’s lack of anti-fighter countermeasures.

When the UBC worked in regimented formations, like the assault and blockade of Ceres, it remained a success. It came undone, however, when the Coalition isolated single vessels and targeted them with mobile groups of starfighters.

Over thirty of the UBC-class were lost over the course of the war. This was a costly education for the Union commanders, who replaced the large ships with more intelligent and modern vessels to take them into the Third Age.

Union Bulk Cruiser


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