The Scholar Ship

Scholar Multiview

One of the only witnessed Vonn vessels simply known as the Scholar Ship. It carries a Vonn Scholar and two apprentices throughout known space. As an extension of the Vonn people, the Scholar and his charges are dedicated to the growth and development of cultures younger than their own. The Scholar-ship is equipped with the strongest type of shields ever measured, near impossible to penetrate without great effort. Furthermore, although the ship lacks weapons in the classic sense, it can trap ships of equivalent scale inside of “bubble” of energy, stopping them from moving or firing.

It is space-sailor folklore that in times of need the Vonn can arrive and save a ship in peril, protecting adrift vessels from accident and attack until help can arrive. Despite the tall tales, the Vonn are very much real.

Manufacturer: Vonn
Role: Personal transport.
Length: 22m
Crew: 3 (1 scholar, 2 apprentices)
Weaponry: Nil
Special: Triple-layered shields, 2 x shield ‘bubble’ projectors.


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