The Ages

The ‘Ages’ terminology is used by mankind as a marker of their development and progress. The First Age (aka. The Golden Age) was the mass exploration and exodus from Earth, using their newly discovered interstellar capabilities to explore and colonise nearby territories like the Kepler System. The First Age led to the development of jump-capable warships and brought mankind into contact with races like the Oroso, Wun’Tux and Vonn.

The Second Age was defined by the ability to travel even further afield, opening up more worlds and territory for humankind to develop. The effective range of exploration still wasn’t far afield enough to bring them into conflict with other races, but was a significant step forward. The Second Age is most famous for the Pan-Eurasian War between the European and Asian states. The innovation and invention stemming from this conflict in part led to the Third Age and the expanding horizons of mankind.

The Third Age was one of relative peace between the various human factions, the ability to travel further afield meaning less competition for places habitable and resource-laden planets. This increased reach brought some humans into more close contact with their galactic neighbours, however. In spite of being war weary, European Union forces recorded skirmishes with the Oroso Conclave before agreeing a hasty peace deal. Additionally, the reptilian Wun’Tux raided newer human colonies for slave labour, making the Wun’Tux border a much more risky proposition for civilians leaving Sol and the Core Worlds for a better life.

The Fourth Age is the present. In comparison to Third Age technology, Forth Age FTL drives are physically smaller in size and significantly more fuel efficient. In this respect, the Forth Age made travel away from the Core Worlds a realistic prospect for people and groups of more modest means than major governments and megacorporations. These people poured into the new frontier, the neo-Wild West of the Rim.


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