B-Police Gen7

B-Police Gen-7 B-Police Gen-7

Some of the more orderly and organised local human governments towards the Rim pay a discretionary tax for some form of law. The Border Police (aka. B-Police) patrol these systems in an on-going battle against smuggling, corruption and other maladies. Their standard patrol ship is a modified Gen-7 Infiltration Vehicle. The B-Police version involves less infiltration and electronic warfare equipment and more law enforcement tools, including prisoner cells and advanced scanning techniques.

The Border Police are most suited to law enforcement as opposed to military action or dogfighting. The ship is capable in vacuum as well as ‘atmo.

Manufacturer: Sol-Systems
Length: 13m
Role: Patrol and interdiction
Crew: 2 (minimum. 1 pilot, co-pilot).
Passengers: 6 (usually prisoners)
4 x Particle Cannons (forward facing)
Shields/Armour: Light/Medium
FTL Capable: Yes, short jumps.

B-Police Gen-7


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