The Wun’Tux

The reptilian Wun’Tux hale from a string of arid planets on in the Galactic ‘North’. They are a notorious race of slavers with a lust for power via conquest – be in brutal civil wars or the galaxy at large.


They discovered Faster-Than-Light travel twenty years before humankind. This sparked intense (and often deadly) competition between the different BroodClans for new worlds, resources and respect. This competition led to unprecedented leaps in technology and territory and made the Wun’Tux a major galactic player.

Females of the species producing large litters of young who are devoted to their mother – this has historically placed them in a position of power and led to the development of a matriarchy. The most successful mothers hold power over large group of females who commit their children to this female at the top of the tree (a co-scalled ‘Brood Mothers’). Some of these BroodClans have existed for centuries and are laden with history and prestige. Some are new, modern and hungry for success.

The newest BroodClans are relegated to territory on the outskirts of Wun’Tux space, closest to other races. These Wun’Tux fight with their human, Oroso and Gnobo neighbours in a near constant in a pursuit for slaves, resources and glory. This expansionist fighting only relents when the Wun’Tux turn their ire on each other. Modern Wun’Tux society is a highly fluid meritocracy, each tribe vying for new colonies and victories. The weak are forgotten, the risk takers rewarded.

The Wun’Tux view themselves as superior to every other species – they have the rare accolade of being the only species to be universally disliked and without allies. They exercise this belief by waging war on several fronts, taking prisoners and survivors as slaves to the Wun’Tux cause. Their most notable victory came with the fall of Ehoi and the near destruction of the Illayko people.

Militarily the Wun’Tux are formidable combatants, favouring high-calibre, explosive weaponry and overwhelming numbers. Individual warriors use their teeth and claws along with their weapons, inspiring fear wherever they go. It is only the fact that their society is split into often warring BroodClans which stop them from inflicting even more damage on the galaxy at large. Certain human military groups clash frequently with the Wun’Tux and have notched up a notable victory or two of their own.

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