The Vonn

Widely regarded as the benevolent philosopher race, Vonn are small in number but large in influence. Evolved from tree-climbing rodents, the four-armed Vonn have a strong pack mentality and aversion to violence. They are technologically unsurpassed – particularly in shields and deflectors, making their ships and vehicles very difficult to damage.

Although the majority of Vonn citizens stay around their homeworlds, concentrating on learning, philosophy and development, the Vonn Scholars travel throughout the galaxy. Working in small, close-knit teams, the Scholars have one goal: to protect the weak and immature galactic races and citizens from those who would exploit or destroy them. They use their wide variety of shields and defensive technologies to do so, often coming into conflict with anatonigsts common (like the Wun’Tux) and rare (e.g. groups of humans, like the mysterious Agency)



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