The Oroso

The Oroso are a species of hirsute, bipedal humanoids, evolved on an ice planet far from it’s sun. They discovered FTL travel 50 years before humans and – unlike the Earthlings – formed a unified government and expanded  into nearby planetary systems. By the time the human race began to expand from Sol, the Oroso already held significant territories nearby. Although encounters with aliens like the Wun’Tux gave human colonists itchy trigger fingers, first encounters with the Oroso were guarded but civil. Their 50 year head start meant the aliens had already set up bases and colonies around major ore deposits and other such resources. The Oroso prefer colder climates, however, and a number of warmer worlds passed over by them were taken by cautious human colonists.

Aside from the short conflict with the more militant European Union colonists, the Oroso remain diplomatically neutral to other galactic civilisations. The only exception is the reptilian Wun’Tux who see the Oroso as inferior beings and press them into service as slaves.

They reproduce in litters, each ‘birth’ comprising of three to four young. These young Oroso are raised away from their parents in a ‘nursery’, special settlements ran by both male and female elders. These nurseries press upon the young the importance of serving their society and prepare them for life ahead.

Their society is something akin to a democratic feudalism, well organised and structured. The main groups (or Kvo) work together towards shared goals. New colonies are integrated into the ruling ‘Conclave’ which acts as a civilian and military body both.

The Oroso military is comparable to that of most developed species’. Known for being well disciplined and tactically adroit. Their naval commanders prefer to utilise turrets over forward firing cannons and tactics over brute force.


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