SolarSecurity (aka. SolSec) are a predominantly human ‘corporate security’ (read: mercenary organisation) based out of Ganymede. They recruit from the areas of Earth and the Core Worlds left behind by the boom years of mankind, like the wartorn slums of middle Europe. The SolSec trainers start with the most dangerous and violent street thugs they can find and give them military training and organisation, high-tech weaponry and personal armour.

A small number of SolSec personnel are trained in vehicular combat, but as a rule SolSec fields predominantly armoured infantry specialising in urban combat and pacification. The ex-street thugs are the figurative poacher-turned-gamekeeper.

SolSec are rumoured to be the first choice contractor for the shadowy Agency, a secret organisation made up of ‘superpowered’ individuals. The last ex-SolSec operative who planned to speak to American Intelligence died in a shuttle crash on the way to debrief. Nobody has attempted to repeat his performance since.



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