Races of the Galaxy

The Humans – A relatively young race hailing from the Sol System. Adaptable and resilient, but splintered into many factions.

The Oroso – One of the older races; slow and careful, they are widely regarded as neutral in galactic politics (apart from their animosity towards the rapacious Wun’Tux)

The Wun’Tux – Galactic bogeymen. The Wun’Tux are a race of reptilian creatures with a penchant for taking slaves and things which aren’t theirs.

The Vonn – The eldest of the known races. Few in number but powerful in influence. The Vonn have a mission to protect the undeveloped races of the galaxy but have an odd way of doing so.

The Hirudin – Aquatic lifeforms with the ability to control the minds of some sentient beings. Rarely seen in the wider world, their will is executed frequently by their client race, The Trinax.

The Trinax – A young and shy race, the Trinax had the misfortune to meet the Hirudin and be vulnerable to their mind control abilities. Most serve as traders and logistical support for their aquatic masters, though a small subset exist free of this control.

The Amani – A nomadic race of miners, the Amani travel the galaxy in large convoys of ships. Fiercely protective of their own and land they perceive to belong to them, they often come into conflict with other races who they consider invaders of their ancestral territory.

The Gnobo – An aggressive race of humanoids known throughout the galaxy as mercenaries and hired muscle, the Gnobo are profit-driven and highly ambitious.

The Illayko – The Illayko were the first victims of the Wun’Tux, forced to flee their homeworld to a barely explored part of the galaxy. Known for their anger and isolation, their new territory is rarely visited by outsiders.

A rough map can be found here.


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