Independent Organisations

Most races and species have some overarching form of government or organisation, even a divided one like within humankind. Such organisations are large and powerful but unwieldy and unresponsive in turbulent times. Smaller organisations have a minimal supply chain and are able to adapt quickly to changing situations.

From scientific endeavour to military expertise, there is an organisation out there catering for almost every speciality.

SolSec – A Sol-based company of military contractors and corporate security soldiers.

Saturn Solutions – Saturn-based corporate security concern, known for their merciless approach

The Widebrims – Rough and ready group of mercenaries with a soft spot for a losing cause

Vonn Scholars – Technologically advanced individuals who tour the galaxy, supporting life and learning

Cromwell’s Bombshells – Mercenary brigade operating in the Rim, known for their air/spaceborn infantry

The Tailored Saints – Tech-savvy mercenaries and assassins, easily identified by their sharp suits

The Ridgebacks – Dogged, savage Gnobo mercenary troupe feared throughout the galaxy

The ShadowspinesHirudin-aligned Gnobo mercenary troupe, famous for their use of infantry

The Magpies

The Free Brigades – ex-Union military mercenary forces, predominantly naval

The Independent Mining Guild: Loosely organised miners, independent of corporate control.

The Scientia Sinistral – Independent scientists known for their gung-ho attitude to risk and danger


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