The Humans


The human race, known throughout the rest of the galaxy as “Earthlings”, are one of the younger entrants into galactic politics. Humankind has no unity government or organisation, remaining arranged in the territorial blocks of the 20th and 21st centuries, including the United States, Great Britain and the European Union as well as new alliances like the Asian Coalition. Additionally there are several MegaCorporations big enough to exert significant influence over the course of the human race.

Technologically humans are relative jacks-of-all-trades: good all round performance without specific or unique advancements to their names. The handful of solar systems around and including Sol are classed as the ‘Core Worlds’ technologically advanced and safe. As soon they filled up these planets, humankind left the overcrowded Core in droves and colonised further afield, in what are named the ‘Rimward Territories’. These are predominantly lawless areas, full of opportunity, much like the Wild West of times gone by.


Militarily, the humans field a mix of fighter craft and capital ships of often considerable strength. Although the combined military strength of humankind is significant, the human factions rarely cooperate.

Although direct clashes between military organisations within humankind are rare (e.g. the Pan-Eurasian Conflict), co-operation is equally rare. The recent loss of several mining colonies to the Wun’Tux has led to the provisional formation up of the Border Fleet, a military cooperative between human factions. The British and American militaries work independently of this force, however, with better results.


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